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The Mother’s Tale in Divorce


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We do a significant amount  of work in our firm for men and fathers.  We see an inordinate number of cases where Dads and the kids are unfairly, or wrongfully alienated, and it is quite harmful to those children and really to our larger culture when this happens.

But we all see plenty of cases and frequently represent Moms as well.  Their stories are usually quite different.  The worst, and unfortunately most common, of these stories, are ones where the Moms are left caring for the kids, alone, with no help in time, and often very little help financially.  The challenge in these cases is what can she do about a co-parent who just gives up?  Sadly, the answer is often very little.

But she is entitled to support for the children, and to the father taking ownership of his share of time with the children as well.  Many times however, she may be as well off if he doesn’t participate too much, but at the same time, the father’s involvement needs to be encouraged to the extent possible.

Financial issues are very important as well.

At the Thompson Law Office, we help women and mother’s in divorce situations deal with the stresses they will face as a single person or parent.  call us today for a free, initial consultation at (317) 564-4976 or (877) 365-1776.


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