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I was admitted to the Indiana State Bar in 1990 after graduating from the School of Business at Indiana University in 1984, with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and from the College of Law at the University of Illinois in 1990.

My passion in life is my own wonderful children, and from that passion to serve families forced to bear the pain of separation and divorce, to help parents work toward giving their children the best each parent has to offer. As a deeply caring father myself, the role of fathers in their children’s lives is a special point of my work.

The legal system can be challenging and seem very unfair at times. My goal is to help needy people navigate their way through and resolve difficult legal problems in the best way possible.

If I can assist you regarding an issue relating to child custody, support, or other family law or other legal matters, please email me at: ajt@thompsonlaw-in.com.


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  1. Clayton Baugh says:

    I have joint custody with physical to my ex-wife, of my 13 year old son. No support was ordered in the divorce but I pay support anyway. He has ADD but she seems to have much more trouble with him than I do. He has stated for several years that he wants to live with me but his mother just poo-poos the idea. They are in Indiana and I am in South Carolina so visitation is irregular but does occur and she “lets me have him” for a few weeks in the summer, usually the second week of July through the end of the month. We text and talk on the phone when she allows him to. He is getting more insistent about coming here to live with me. Is there a snowball’s chance of that happening, or are the odds against us in court??

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